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Via Ferreta


Stryn Hotel is a great starting point for many exciting activities. Let us inspire you with some ideas!

Welcome to our restaurant and bar!

Enjoy a delicious dinner with a view of the garden and the fjord. If you get thirsty, we have a selection of fine wines on our menu, as well as local cider, a variety of beers, and other beverages to choose from!

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Lovatnet is a lake located in Stryn municipality in Vestland county, Norway. What makes Lovatnet so beautiful is its green color, which comes from the meltwater flowing from the glaciers that surround the mountain peaks.

Via Ferrata Loen

Via Ferrata Loen is a spectacular climbing route that is secured with wires throughout the entire way, taking you to the summit of Hoven at an altitude of 1011 meters. You will climb the entire route while enjoying magnificent views of the fjord, Lodalen, Oldedalen, the majestic Skåla mountain, and the mountainous landscape towards Jostedalsbreen.

Hiking Skåla

Skåla is considered Norway's highest mountain peak with its base in the sea. For years, it has been a popular destination for hikers, and many have raced up its slopes to beat the records that have become well-known among locals.


Apologies for the repeated response. Skåla is indeed considered Norway's highest mountain peak with its base in the sea. It has been a popular destination for hikers for many years, and numerous individuals have challenged themselves to climb its slopes in an attempt to break the well-known records associated with the mountain.

Stryn summerski

Stryn Sommerski has gained a reputation among many as the best summer skiing facility in the country, despite its somewhat unpredictable conditions. When conditions are favorable, a day of skiing at Stryn is considered the best activity you can engage in during July.

Geiranger fjord

Once upon a time, there was a place with majestic snow-covered mountain peaks, gushing waterfalls, and lush green valley slopes. But it's not just a fairy tale. It's the reality of Geiranger!

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